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Amenities Spotlight

Feb 20, 2019 Blog
Amenities Spotlight Neatly lined rows of red crosshairs

Sailboats, sunsets, and refreshing breezes — there’s plenty to love about living at The Mark’s East Boston waterfront condos. There are endless, subtle joys to be found in waterfront living, within the natural rhythms of changing seasons. The waterfront’s weather and appearance transform dramatically, as do the overall moods and lifestyles of those who live nearby. The Mark’s amenities are perfectly chosen to see you through Boston’s ever-changing seasons, whether you’re watching a storm descend over Boston Harbor or enjoying a picnic on its peaceful shores.

Spring is just around the corner. When the ground thaws and the first tulips start pushing their way skyward, locals are understandably eager to get outside and enjoy some fresh air. However, with evening temperatures still a bit frosty, watching a harbor sunset this time of year can leave you chilled. We recommend warming up in The Mark’s fireplace lounge, where all you need for a relaxing evening outdoors is a light sweater and maybe a bottle of your favorite wine. It seems that everyone loves gazing into a fire, but the flickering flames will have to compete with the pink and orange hues of a sunset dancing on the water and the twinkling of the downtown city lights as they begin to glow.

As those spring evenings begin to heat up, warm-weather lovers can rejoice. Nothing says “summer” like a barbeque on the water. Call your friends and gather out on The Mark’s private terrace. With the aroma of mesquite mingling with the heavy fragrance of blooming flowers and a rush of cooling breeze in your hair, your ordinary summer nights will feel like evenings on vacation. After you eat, stroll the Harborwalk, and take in the last of the day’s warmth.

But summer can’t last forever, and to be honest, we wouldn’t want it to. After all, Boston in the fall is magical, thanks to the crisp, cool days and vivid foliage. But when the chill drives you indoors, head for the billiards lounge. There, you can unwind with friends over a game of pool, and chat about your plans for the remainder of the year. If pool isn’t your game, perhaps you’d like to spend some time working on your swing with the golf simulator.

As it must, winter returns, bringing with it Boston’s characteristically frigid weather. For some, a stroll around the frozen harbor, bundled in cozy, stylish winter gear, is a quintessential Boston experience. For others, the best way to stave off the winter blues is to hit The Mark’s fitness center and get active. For those who despise winter entirely, we recommend a little escapism. Head to the screening room and get lost in a good film.

And no matter what the season, you’ll need to get around. For the times when you need to run errands or just have a little adventure, take advantage of The Mark’s own Envoy car share. All amenities at The Mark are if exclusive access to all residents of the new East Boston condos.

As your life begins to sync with the rhythm of the seasons, you might just find an engaging, balanced lifestyle emerges organically. The Mark is now accepting reservations for Phase II, so don’t miss your chance to make it your own.