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Best Ways to Get Fit in East Boston

Apr 10, 2019 Blog
Best Ways to Get Fit in East Boston Neatly lined rows of red crosshairs

The promise of spring is in the air. And right behind that is the promise of bathing suit season. By now, New Year’s resolutions have given way to resolutions to find the perfect brunch spot or happy hour with friends. But at The Mark’s Boston waterfront condos for sale, you can recommit to a healthy body and mind with ease. Get ready to get fit in the luxe confines of these East Boston luxury condos.

Exercise is easy when a state-of-the-art fitness center awaits, and at The Mark that’s just an elevator ride away. Here, you’ll never have to wait for the cardio machines to free up — there are plenty of treadmills available, so you can get your pre- or post-work workout in whenever you are ready. And everyone knows that you have to add muscle to get your body in tip-top shape, so spend a little quality time with the weight-training machines to build some mass. Wind down your workout with some deep breathing and stretching in the flex studio.

Forgo the memberships to trendy spin studios and hop on one of the many Peloton indoor cycling bikes. Fitness enthusiasts have been raving about these stationary bikes for years. And the New York Times-owned review site Wirecutter hails these machines as “excellent equipment.” No matter what style of riding you prefer, the Peloton bikes at The Mark let you experience a cycling session on your own time with endless on-demand classes to choose from. Burn up to 700 calories an hour in peace and then make the quick trip to your condo for an indulgent shower in the privacy of your own home.

Need something more for your workout? The Mark’s luxury waterfront residences in East Boston offer you quick and easy access to nearby gyms that will complement your fitness routine and put you on the path to good health — and looking good.

Since 2017, The Point has been home to yogis and barre devotees. Founded by Angela D’Amore, a Boston native and school teacher who wanted to bring a little “Om” to her neighborhood, The Point was the first yoga studio in East Boston. Take a relaxing vinyasa yoga class with an expert instructor or try an energetic Buti yoga session to enliven your chakras. And, trendy ballet-based barre classes are available every day of the week.

Looking for something less tranquil for your workout? Head into the “box” at CrossFit Jeffries Point. Join the ranks of celebs like Channing Tatum and Cameron Diaz who swear by the CrossFit regimen, which combines high-intensity interval training, weight lifting, and plyometric jump training that will have you sweating and your muscles sore (in a good way).

So, however you like to get your sweat on, the options are unlimited at The Mark.

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