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Elevating Home Decor at The Mark

Jul 22, 2020 Blog
Elevating Home Decor at The Mark Neatly lined rows of red crosshairs

As the saying goes, home is where the heart is—the place where people grow their families, enjoy their meals, entertain friends, relax, exercise, and take in each day. In recognizing how important home is to everyday wellbeing, the Boston luxury condos at The Mark were designed to lend a sense of calm and clarity to navigate the everyday. With oversized windows framing streaming sunlight and views of the Boston Harbor and skyline, along with the clean lines and a thoughtful aesthetic in each detail of its interior design, each residence offers a carefully crafted canvas.

Designers and researchers (and people who take pride in their dwellings) have long known that home decor not only reflects personal taste but can contribute to overall mental and physical wellbeing. Whether it’s a complete design plan or the addition of an indoor plant or subtraction of older goods, new and ancient techniques can make the best of a living space.

The simplest addition for a calmer, healthier home can come from the infusion of a little greenery. House plants not only contribute to a relaxing ambiance, but research has shown that they act as a natural air filtration system by removing harmful toxins and reducing carbon dioxide levels and airborne dust. Plants have also been shown to increase focus and reduce stress and fatigue by calming the nervous system, in addition to their obvious benefit of providing some natural beauty.

Wellbeing can sometimes also be achieved by organizing and removing possessions. The reigning queen of tidying up and its “life-changing magic” is Marie Kondo, whose bestseller sparked a revolution and the celebrated KonMari method of thinking about living spaces and people’s relationship to what they keep in their homes. One of the core lessons of Kondo’s tidying philosophy is that each possession should “spark joy”: a catchphrase that has entered the popular lexicon.

There’s good reason for Kondo’s runaway popularity. Her book offers tips for simplifying and decluttering surroundings that can benefit both home and health. Many people find relief and a real mental unburdening by having a designated space for all their possessions and from a deep purging of some of their belongings, as well as a healthier relationship to their purchases and relics from their past. Ultimately, it might feel like detoxification of the home, even a spiritual release from the goods that may still have a sentimental hold. Purifying space can lift the weight that people carry, not only literally but by helping them conscientiously rethink their relationship to their living space.

 Taking up the lessons of the KonMari method or introducing a leafy new addition are two popular ways to make sure a home remains a calming sanctuary. Residents of the East Boston waterfront condos at The Mark have the added advantage of knowing that, however they style, tidy, or purify, they’ll be living in a space designed to make them feel truly at peace and at home.

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