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Global Dining in East Boston

Sep 25, 2019 Blog
Global Dining in East Boston Neatly lined rows of red crosshairs

Anyone who has visited Boston knows that it is not just one of the most distinctive American towns; at its heart, it’s also remarkably international in spirit. For centuries, this energetic city has attracted people from all over the world, who have made Boston a bastion of diversity, bringing with them the arts, culture, and, of course, delicious cuisine. And the happening neighborhood of East Boston is one of the best places to explore these global gastronomic delights. Top leaders of business and tech have turned this burgeoning area into a must-live mecca, and the fabulous East Boston waterfront condos at The Mark are a destination in themselves.

While those who call this singular building home undoubtedly find appeal in The Mark’s incredible amenities (e.g., a private courtyard, a state-of-the-art fitness studio, and exclusive lounges)—not to mention the bright, airy, and open condos—the diverse food scene is another major drawing point. Let’s explore some of what this cosmopolitan locale has to offer for those who long for excellent meals in intriguing venues.

Angela’s Café | 131 Lexington Street

Food writers and food lovers will tell you that some of the best food in the world comes from the Mexican state of Puebla. With a mix of influences from Arab shepherds, Spanish colonizers, and the indigenous people, the cuisine of Puebla offers flavors and dishes like no other. And Angela’s Cafe gives its guests a taste of the renowned location south of the border right in the heart of Boston. This family-owned establishment is a mecca for mole lovers who crave authentic homemade versions of the traditional Poblano dish. Hints of deep and rich chocolate, dried fruits, and spice hit all of the umami notes with a touch of heat from chilies. Dining here is not only a transportive experience for your taste buds but for all your senses. The small spot has brightly colored walls, and papel picado flutters above the tables along with a well-placed Red Sox flag.

Santarpio’s | 111 Chelsea Street

If you want the best pizza in Boston, you need to go to the place that’s been the go-to spot for slice aficionados for almost 120 years, since it began as a bakery in 1903. Santarpio’s serves up perfectly cooked pies, from the standard plain and pepperoni to the decadent shrimp scampi. This isn’t haute cuisine, but it is the ultimate way to indulge in everyone’s favorite Italian import and a glass of surprisingly sippable house wine.

The Quiet Few | 331 Sumner Street

You can’t talk about Boston without talking about its Irish heritage. What better way is there to celebrate that culture, known for literature and storytelling, than to tell your own stories with friends over a glass of whiskey on the rocks? The Quiet Few, a buzzy cocktail bar, is a relative newcomer to East Boston, but it has quickly become an after-work and post-dinner destination for lovers of the amber-colored beverage. While you can grab a beer or wine here, whiskey—with labels from all over the world—is at the forefront of the drink menu.

On any night of the week, lucky residents of the luxury Boston condos at The Mark get a chance to explore the cuisine of the world—from tacos, pozole, tipples, and pizza abound—and it’s all just a short walk from your home.