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Neighborhood Spotlight: Piers Park Sailing

May 15, 2019 Blog
Neighborhood Spotlight: Piers Park Sailing Neatly lined rows of red crosshairs

Sailboats are a familiar sight for residents of the East Boston waterfront condos at The Mark. White sails cut lazily through the shimmering harbor, signaling pleasant weather and creating a peaceful backdrop for life on the water. For some, watching the sailboats from afar is sufficient, but for others, the water beckons. If you’ve ever found yourself gazing out at a fleet of sailboats wondering what it would be like to see Boston Harbor from their perspective, you’re in luck. The nearby Piers Park Sailing Center has a sailing experience for everyone, from the merely sailing-curious to those who are already comfortable at the helm.

The One Hour Introduction to Sailing course is ideal for first-timers. Rather than investing a lot of time and money into a complex and expensive hobby you haven’t yet tried, look into this course. It will allow you to have a complete sailing experience without committing anything more than an hour of your time. You can go it alone or call up some friends and family members to accompany you on the adventure — the boat accommodates up to six people. The course will take you on a quick jaunt around Boston Harbor with a trained professional, where you will get an introduction to the fundamentals of sailing, from which side of the boat is the starboard to how to trim the sails.

If, after your maiden voyage, you decide you’d like to continue, you can expand upon your newly gained knowledge in the Learn to Sail course. You get 21 hours of instruction, offered on consecutive weekends, which covers everything from wind and weather to basic navigation. Using the Piers Park Sailing Center’s fleet of 23-foot Sonar class sailboats, you’ll spend two weekends out on the water with instructors, honing your new skills. Upon completion, you’ll receive your US Sailing Basic Keelboat Certification, which entitles you to sail on the center’s Sonar sailboats with the purchase of a pass.

The Piers Park Sailing Center is not only an entry point into sailing for beginners, it also offers programs for youth and people living with disabilities. For instance, the Science of Sailing program uses sailing and Boston Harbor’s unique ecosystem to teach “the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics that are inherent to sailing” to young people. The center also has its own Adaptive Sailing program, which provides specialized sailing equipment that allows people with disabilities not only the chance to ride in a sailboat, but an opportunity to steer the boat themselves; an empowering and uplifting experience. Even if you don’t have children or a loved one with a disability, supporting the Piers Park Sailing Center is a great way to support your community.

Perhaps you enjoy watching sailboats from your East Boston luxury condos, but when it comes to learning the ins and outs of the sport, you’re either too busy or just don’t have the desire. In that case, you can always sign up for the popular Harbor Cruise. There’s no learning required; just sit back and see your city from a new perspective while an experienced skipper guides your 23-foot sailboat on a cruise through Boston Harbor. You’ll see all the greatest hits, like the USS Constitution, Fort Independence, and the Bunker Hill Monument. Even longtime Bostonians may be surprised — everything looks bigger from the water.

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