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Nights in East Boston: Where Urban Cool Meets Boston Charm

Nov 09, 2018 Blog
Nights in East Boston: Where Urban Cool Meets Boston Charm Neatly lined rows of red crosshairs
The Mark

East Boston is the city’s most up-and-coming neighborhood — but also one that has already arrived. It is as culturally vibrant as it is naturally splendid, and home to some of Boston’s most exciting new restaurants, bars, and cultural institutions. With the temperatures dropping and holiday outings, reunions, and gatherings looming, East Boston is the perfect place for relaxing with friends in the perfect venue to suit your mood. And you’ll find it all within reach of The Mark’s East Boston waterfront condos.

There is perhaps no place that better embodies East Boston now than ReelHouse, which manages, in both its menu and atmosphere, to riff on its New England roots and also project a global outlook. You’ll find an inventive seafood roster to complement the waterfront location, and an interior design that might put you in mind of the bistros of Paris. This is a place that elevates the New England clambake to new heights, offering mussels, clams, lobster, chorizo, and corn. Yet, there are touches of Asian fusion, in the General Tso’s Chicken Lettuce Wraps and the Crispy Phyllo Tuna Rolls with pickled turnips, sesame spinach, and wasabi soy dipping sauce.

East Boston also has no shortage of neighborhood pubs. These are the kinds of places you and your friends will want to hang out in often, both for the welcoming, easy atmosphere, as well as the eye-popping craft beer lists, and comfort food that feeds the belly and the soul. Maverick Marketplace Cafe is the absolute model of a place where you would want to call yourself a regular. With karaoke, trivia, and live music nights, there is enough going on to keep you coming back, along with a varied menu, which includes 10 versions of their perfect pub-style burger.

There are two signs in the window of Eddie C’s, which are a kind of tip-off to the nature of the dive bar — in the best sense of the word — within. One advertises “Tripe Saturdays” and the other bears the heading, “Eddie’s Italian Kitchen.” Inside, you will find a no-frills bar where the true spirit of grabbing a pint remains unclouded by frippery.

Craft Table & Bar also takes a simple concept and runs with it, with a decidedly gourmet twist. When the place opened, CEO Frank Peace described the home-cooked food as lovingly as the alchemically designed cocktails served, which include “the Sibling Rivalry made with Crop Organic Meyer Lemon Vodka, St. Germain Canton Ginger Liqueur and a lemon twist, or a Rembrandt in a Gold Hat, made with Old Overholt Rye, Amaro Dell’Etna, fresh lemon juice, demerara and a lemon twist.”

The industrial-chic interior of Cunard Tavern owes its atmospheric magic to the fact that the owners, father and son team Filippo and Phil Frattaroli, opened the place on the spot where Filippo’s father once operated a cabinetmaking shop. As an homage to the neighborhood’s roots, Cunard Tavern is both international and Boston specific, capturing the area’s immigrant spirit. With its waterfront views, this is the perfect go-to brunch spot for Boston Benedicts crowned with baked beans and eye-opening Bloody Marys. The place is so close to the East Boston condominiums at The Mark, that this family-run establishment will soon feel like home.

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