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The Mark’s Coffee Guide to East Boston

Mar 16, 2020 Blog
The Mark’s Coffee Guide to East Boston Neatly lined rows of red crosshairs

Few things compare to catching up with an old friend or reading an intriguing novel at a boutique coffee shop. Many East Boston coffee shops and cafes stand ready to serve pleasant eats and hearty, steaming cups of coffee made with freshly roasted beans. For a distinguished coffee experience, there are excellent choices near The Mark’s luxury waterfront condos in East Boston, one of the city’s most attractive enclaves.

The finest selection of artisanal, organic, and fair-trade coffees near the Boston luxury condos at The Mark can be found at Americano Espresso Bar. Independently owned, this is a vibrant venue that takes great pride in selecting the best products for a discerning class of coffee drinkers. The Ultimate Espresso is a five-bean mix of three separate roasts; it was created specifically for dark coffee lovers. Their Black Gold, an equally adventurous blend of dark roasts, is a combination of African beans that brings a smooth creaminess to the tart, mildly acidic flavors typical of that continent’s coffee varieties. Lastly, their Organic Columbian Supremo is a classic choice that’s full-bodied, slightly nutty, and amenable to any taste preference. In addition, Americano Espresso Bar also serves a menu of baked goods and lunch items designed to pair with their drinks.

Toasted Flats, which is devoted to bringing healthier eating options to the neighborhood, is known for serving high-quality, uniquely prepared, and satisfying flatbreads. But they’re also masters of an excellent cup of coffee. They feature an assortment of fresh-roasted organic coffees from the major regions of Central and South America, as well as Ethiopia, and the baristas at the counter use these to pull consistently perfect shots and mix the smoothest coffee drinks. Café au laits, macchiatos, cortados, and red eyes all pair nicely with one of their “flats”: a toasted flatbread topped with everything from tuna and cheese to veggies and pineapple. Set in a cozy space of well-worn wood planks and communal bar seating not too far from The Mark’s East Boston condominiums, Toasted Flats is a wonderful place to enjoy breakfast or lunch with a loved one while indulging in one of the best cups of coffee in the city.

While gourmet blends and locally roasted beans often get all the press, sometimes what’s called for, even from the most ardent coffee connoisseur, is a quick, dependably good cup of joe, a plump muffin, and a smile from a familiar face. All of that can be found at Market Café and Deli, just around the corner from The Mark. This is a favorite local spot for many reasons, not least of which is its window seating, offering a place to while away a morning over an Americano and a nourishing breakfast sandwich. Afternoons provide a pleasant respite in that same window, sipping lattes and snacking on a cookie over a magazine or two. Enjoying the outdoor seating with a cappuccino and a companion is another excellent way to reinvigorate the senses, especially in the enlivening air of Boston near the waterfront.

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